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Part 1: Complete the sentence

1. My favorite subject is MILLENNIALS.

2. If I were a teacher, I’d teach ENGLISH or SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

3. The subject that I don’t get is BABY BOOMERS.

4. Of all my accomplishments, I am proudest of being able to GET OUT OF DODGE.

5. 5 years from now, I would like to BE HAPPY.

6. If I could live another life, I would be a DRAG QUEEN.

7. I was once mistaken for my SISTER.

8. The best thing I ever got for free was a TACO.

9. My favorite show is CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND.

10. One night I wanted to last forever was I DUNNO.

Part 2: Complete the equation

Chi + Computer = Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Chi + chocolate = Chai Chocolate

music + study = Music theory

romance + comedy = Romantic Comedy

boy + glasses = Nerd

Part 3: Enumeration

Top 3 Places you’d like to go on for vacation:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Spain
  3. Italy

Top 3 Gifts you’d like to receive:

  1. Unlimited First Class Plane Tickets
  2. A House
  3. A Maid

Top 3 Foods you would wanna eat forever:

  1. Pork noodles
  2. Salad
  3. Oysters

Top 3 Things you’ll do when you aced all your grades:

  1. I’m literally a college grad so
  2. Mostly just slept afterwards
  3. Then got a job/started my career

Girls Like Me

Girls like me,
don’t fall in love
we watch love happen.

Girls like me,
wait for love
want love
give love
but do not receive love.

Girls like me,
are not meant to be loved
we are meant to watch 
and help love happen.

Girls like me,
try for love and fail.

Girls like me,
die alone
and bro-  -ken.

Girls like me,
will love, giving all of ourselves,
but will not receive it’s warmth in return.

We will cry
but we will not receive comfort
we will bleed
but the bleeding will never stop.

Girls like me,
want to be loved
but no one will love us.

We will write about love,
we will dream about love,
we will love love
but we will never feel it.

Girls like me,
end up alone.

V e r b a t i m

“close your eyes,” you tell me.
  I’m so nervous I can’t stop trembling.

You never stopped there
they said you USED me
but I don’t want to listen to reason
I’m too stubborn for their truths.

You hold my hand
tell me to run away
           {with you,} for you
I can’t say what you’ve said to me.
it’s all lies.

I write so the drugs will pass me by

Say she isn’t angry now,
  but my head is splitting and I can’t
                        FEEL anymore.
I’ve heard you lie so many times.

“Just you,” you say to me;
     and like a SPOILED child I believed you.
You tell me “you’re amazing.”
     but you don’t know them IMPACT of the words.

You’d tell me anything to use me again,
          but as I see this far ahead the threats just aren’t WORTH it.
not with what you have to offer.

You pay me off
   like I’m so cheap you can use me over and over.

It’s funny how you think you can trust them,
      they’d rat you out in an instant while I struggle with these secrets.

For you I have been beaten and bruised,
      yet you still laugh at my iniquity.

Tell me why you are so clean,
    tell me why you aren’t bleeding.

I feel so heavy, like lead.
   the pressure is overwhelming.

I’ve waited so long for a moment I can’t even remember,
    It was everything and nothing to me
why can’t I remember how it felt?

You tell me I’m crazy,
   but you’ve NEVER seen these words.
I can’t let go of this anger and pain…
   everyone would be so suspicious of what happened.

Even when I speak to you I can’t get it out.
you have the NERVE to ask me why I’m crying
                 you knew I could never make it.

You tell me I’m being “overly dramatic”
   but when there’s so much inside that I can’t get out

      that you wouldn’t die too.

s o  m a n y  t h i n g s  l e f t  u n s a i d;
    you’d think I was speaking in another language.
this is how I speak.

In your stupidity you don’t know how much it hurts
   I never lied to you when I told you it was d i f f e r e n t for me.

Every Day Magic

You’re my everday amazing
the reason I smile in the mornings
the reason I try so hard to be.

You’re my everyday beautiful
your smile sends me reeling 
your eyes suck me into your soul.

You’re my everyday lover
the arms that hold me close
the hands that brush my skin.

You’re my eveyday magic
you cast a spell on my heart
you draw me in with your trance.

You’re my everyday everything
        and I can’t let you go.

I’m Thinking Maybe

There’s a pain I can’t ignore
Because Earlier I got to thinkin’ “Maybe I can”
but there’s things you don’t want to deal with
so there in lies the problem
to deny what love is
transforms you to hate.

People are startin’ to worry
that I’ll say good-bye to what I was
now that I feel like this.

I’m talkin’ to him 
and askin’ him “Is this right?” 
but he’s tellin’ me “No”
it don’t suprise me
the answer was there all along.

I’m talkin’ to her
but she don’t know the problem
she don’t know what she’s about.

I don’t wanna say good-bye to yesterday
because it lacks these complications
the things I have to hide
but maybe I can just say it isn’t there
but there in lies the problem…
because it is.

Our Game

It’s like this:
you wait a lifetime to hear hello
but all they wanna say is good-bye
you wait forever to be their reason
but all they wanna tell you is a lie.

It’s like you smile for something you’re gonna lose
waiting for that person to notice you’re not playing
you want something serious, but they’re not into it.

So they leave you there and you don’t know what to say
they break your heart and you wait, just wait.

There’s really nothing left now
so you shrug your shoulders and try to get over it
but this is the time when you realize it’s different.

The feeling isn’t the same
this isn’t how you play the game.

You’ve never felt this way
but you blow it off as just another stupid excuse
you’ve said things like this before
to those friends who are forced to listen.

Then you realize, it’s really different
and now you’re too afraid to say the things you’re feeling
because this isn’t what this is supposed to turn into.

It’s supposed to be a game.