Vignettes: Ultimatum

You gave me an ultimatum. I did what you wanted.  Quit my job, changed to a different one.  I did absolutely everything you asked.  Then last night when we were laying in bed, you were holding me, kissing my forehead, caressing my cheek gently…telling me how beautiful I am.

I whispered so softly you almost didn’t hear it

“I love you”

and you laughed

“That’s cute.”

Flash Fiction: Cadence

My entire mouth tastes like coffee on the inside.  I haven’t had coffee in probably 3 months.  But every 8 minutes for 6 to 8 hours straight I have to brew coffee.  Over and over and over again.  I can do it in my sleep now.

1. Reset Timer
2. Scoop
3. Grind
4. Prepare
5. Brew




Vignette: “Friends”

I had a friend once who told me

“You’re a joke, your art sucks, your emotive writing makes me laugh.  Every single bad thing that happens to you…you deserve.  I’ve been a good friend for you for so long and…”

and it hurt, but I guess I deserved it because I wasn’t afraid to call her out
on the things she would’ve rather not been aired on her personal page
about how
she really isn’t a good person
or a good friend
because all she really is…
is this cheap, bitter, unreliable, irritating person
who has no place in my life
and her friendship is literally laughable
because she’s the same person, who told me

“There’s no such thing as bisexual.  You can’t be bisexual because it doesn’t exist.  You can’t be attracted to both men and women.  You’re dating a man, you’re straight.”

and the worst thing is, she’s homosexual
it made me feel like
no one would ever accept me
because I couldn’t help being attracted to both sexes
I thought there was something wrong with me…

I still do

Obi-Wan TBH: Obiwan likes applessaujce

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Flash Fiction: Stitches

From mine, 13’s, and Ariel LeAnn’s story asylum wolves. 

“If you don’t hold still it’s going to hurt worse,” Daciana barked.

Faizeel whimpered under her touch and flinched away when she pressed the needle into the skin of his arm. He had been cut by a silver blade infused with wolfsbane by one of the local wixen.

Daciana had warned him not to get too close to the magical folk. They could easily sense creatures like them and they were NOT friendly.

“Why is it not healing?” Faizeel asked with a yelp when she threaded the needle through his arm and finally began to sew up the wound. It was rare she would ever have to give any of her pack stitches. Mainly because it was only her and Areynn (before Fai) and Areynn wasn’t an idiot.

“Because wixen carry silver,” Daciana growled, “Like I warned you before. Normally silver wouldn’t do this much damage, but this one was particularly smart and infused her blade with wolfsbane.” She bit the suture off with her teeth, severing it from the needle.

“I warned you, Faizeel. I told you they were dangerous. You’re lucky you got back to the asylum before it started festering.” Daciana just barely resisted the urge to hit him.

“She didn’t seem so bad,” Fai argued.

Daciana rolled her eyes. Sometimes she regretted turning him. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

Fai’s face flushed and he glanced at the mess of black sutures on his arm. “I don’t really understand,” he said, much to Daciana’s dismay, “I wasn’t even doing anything other than talking. She seemed lost, I wanted to help.”

Daciana’s hard expression softened and she patted Faizeel’s shoulder. “I know, pup,” she said, using hers and Areynn’s nickname for him. In many ways Faizeel was similar to a youngling. He was too trusting, not yet hardened by the world in the same ways she and Areynn were. It was frustrating, but also heartwarming in small doses.

Fai smiled weakly at her, leaning forward and nuzzling his face into her neck for a brief moment to show his gratitude.

Daciana froze. This was the first time he had expressed any sort of pack intimacy towards her. He had been with them such a short time there hadn’t really been any cause for it. She patted the back of his head. He was going to fit in just fine.