Character bios: Caspian

This form is to be completed by all patients prior to medical treatment. Treatment will only be disbursed upon completion of this form in its entirety. Dr. Alastor H. Blake holds the right to refuse service to anyone.

Patient’s Full Name: Caspian Garion.

Date of Birth: May 17.

Location of Birth: Illice, Connecticut 

Race: French/Portugese/Black

To your knowledge, do you have any outsiders, fey, giants, or other non-humanoid creatures in your bloodline?: Yes.

Sex: Female

Gender: Male

Deity/Deities (Please include former deities): Uh? N/A?

Are you or could you be pregnant?: No

Do you smoke?: No

Do you consume alcohol?: Yes 

Do you have any Allergies?: Yes

If yes, please list them here: Aspirin.

Do you have any dietary restrictions?:  No.

If yes, what are they? N/A

To your knowledge have you ever accepted food from a fey?: I’m not an idiot. 

Have you ever formed a pact with a hag, demon, fey. elder god, spirit, or other entity?: Some of my best friends are hags, but no. 

If yes, what was the nature of the arrangement? Don’t make deals with hags, demons, fey, or elder gods. Spirits don’t really make deals I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from. They mostly just prank people. 

Are you currently or have you ever been cursed? If yes, please elaborate: Once another caster sent me a letter bomb in the mail and it exploded directly in my face, scarring my eye. Which is why I’m here. Filling out this stupid form. But no, curses have been illegal since the prophecy libraries were created. 

Was the curse removed?N/A

Have you ever been kissed by a vargouille, or contracted lycanthropy, mummy rot, blood bane, or any other magical diseases?: Can’t say I have

To your knowledge are you currently suffering from any diseases, magical or mundane?: No

If yes, please elaborate: N/A

Have you ever blacked out for an extended period of time?: No

If yes, what were the circumstances of this blackout? N/A

Have you ever been polymorphed into another organism or material?: Dude no. I knew I should have gone to the medical corps and not some casteless hospital. 

If yes, please elaborate: N/A

Have you ever been possessed by a ghost, demon, hive mind, or other entity?: No.

Have you ever had an organ, limb, or other body part regenerated?:  Not regenerated, per se. That’s sort of impossible, but yeah

Have you ever died and been resurrected, reincarnated, or otherwise returned to life?: No. Not yet

Are you or have you ever been undead?: No

If yes, what manner of undead were/are you? N/A

Have you ever been the subject of  a scientific experiment, religious ritual, or other procedure?: No

If yes, please elaborate: N/A

To your knowledge, have you ever been poisoned?: No

If yes, what was the agent with which you were poisoned? N/A

Do you have any unusual distinguishing visual features, including but not limited to birthmarks, albinism/melanism, or uncommon eye/hair color?: Yes,

Are you currently suffering from any ongoing medical or supernatural conditions not covered by the above questions?  Yes

If yes, please elaborate: Dude, I’m trans. 

Are you presently taking any medications?: Wtf does this mean. You mean POTIONS? Yes. We all take potions.      

If so, please list any medications you are taking: Sleep, anti-depressant, other things to help transitioning easier, etc. etc. Can you treat my eye now?

Please list any injuries you have sustained in the past six months: MY EYE IS LIKELY GONE BECAUSE OF A LETTER BOMB.

Please list any spells, charms or blessings you have been subject to in the past six months: Several.

Do you certify that the information claimed above is correct, to the best of your knowledge? If so, please sign and date here: CASPIAN GARION. 12/3/2017.