Poetry: Mediocrity

There is no escape from mediocrity 
Look around, see the world for what it is
It’s eroded, broken, filled with doubt
Yet, there is always someone there
in the distance, smiling
But, in the end it’s empty; Absolute.

Look! Look and see
Time it ebbs and it flows
And history is just a repeat of a repeat of a repeat
Regardless of knowledge, regardless of intellect 
The pattern goes, goesgoes

It’s never-ending,
Is a never-ending thing
but you
Are not infinite
In ignorance, this is an absolute
By the passage of time
Where we believe ourselves immortal

But see
We; you & me, are nothing more than
Us; we, are less than insignificant
less than nothing.

There are no marks, 
No legacies left
        to leave behind 
And yet
Life continues on
Its ignorance unopposed
And there are people still glad,
Still happy every single day to be 
What they consider:

Are they; them & I living the same life
Are we part of the same existence?
Because all life does to me
Is it makes me feel as though I have failed
That, instead of being unborn, 
Instead of being nothing
I have been made to live
    & suffer
a life of mediocrity

I am not resigned to pretending
That there is something more than this
More than looking up and realizing
One day I will die
and leave behind nothing.
No matter how much I live
No matter how much time I am allotted 
by life, by god, by powers beyond comprehension
I; me & myself
Am no more, than insignificant.

Tagged: About Me!

-Name: Desdemona.

-Nickname: D, Des, Dess.

-Star Sign: Leo.

-Gender: female.

-Height: 5’9.

-Favorite Color: Amaranth.

-Time Right Now: 1:29.

-Average Hours of Sleep: lol.

-Lucky Numbers: 7, 77.

-The Last Thing I Googled: Thai music.

-Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1000.

-Favorite Fictional Characters: Star, Marco, Tom, Janna, Harrietta, 5000 other ones.

-Favorite Books: So Yesterday, Deadline, Axiom, Soul Echo, 5000 more.

-Favorite Bands/Artists: Panic! At the Disco.

-When Did You Create Your Blog: 9000 years ago.

-Amount Of Followers: 1777, boi.

-What Do You Post About: Life.

-Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Yep.

-When Did Your Blog Reach Its “Peak”: LOL.

-Who Is Your Most Active Follower: myself.

-Why Did You Choose Your URL: I’m Desdemona Wren tho.

-What is your favorite part of your current fandom? (fan theory, a piece of art, creating for yourself?)  yes.

-In your everyday social group how understood or known is your fandom?(do your friends get as excited as you, do people around you know what fandom even is, do you wear it on your sleeve or keep it to yourself?) NO.  

Music Meme: Shuffle

RULES: put your music player on shuffle, and list the 10 first songs, then tag 10 users. No skipping.

I am a s u c k e r for these. 

  1. Palm Dreams – Hayley Kiyoko
  2. I Got it Bad and That Ain’t Good – Doris Day
  3. The One – Carly Rae Jepsen
  4. Cassandra’s Waltz – Ben Foster, BBC National Orchestra of Wales
  5. So Far Away (Bonus Version) – Mayday Parade
  6. Siamese Cat Song – B5
  7. Black Widow – Iggy Azalea 
  8. dust hymn – Purity Ring
  9. Scars To Your Beautiful (Cover) – Rebecca Black
  10. Dreams So Real – Metric

Vignette: “Friends”

I had a friend once who told me

“You’re a joke, your art sucks, your emotive writing makes me laugh.  Every single bad thing that happens to you…you deserve.  I’ve been a good friend for you for so long and…”

and it hurt, but I guess I deserved it because I wasn’t afraid to call her out
on the things she would’ve rather not been aired on her personal page
about how
she really isn’t a good person
or a good friend
because all she really is…
is this cheap, bitter, unreliable, irritating person
who has no place in my life
and her friendship is literally laughable
because she’s the same person, who told me

“There’s no such thing as bisexual.  You can’t be bisexual because it doesn’t exist.  You can’t be attracted to both men and women.  You’re dating a man, you’re straight.”

and the worst thing is, she’s homosexual
it made me feel like
no one would ever accept me
because I couldn’t help being attracted to both sexes
I thought there was something wrong with me…

I still do