Book Reviews: Stupid Small Things by Agatha Zaza

Agatha Zaza captures the essence of what it’s like to slowly fall out of love with someone. Zaza’s prose is incredible and it kept my eyes glued to the page as I read.

Olivia absolutely thought she would spend the rest of her life with Elias, but there is so much that can change over the period of a life. Olivia’s story is powerful and interesting from start to finish. There were all of these small ways in which Olivia and Elias began to differ and as they slowly grew apart. Olivia’s struggles with Elias and with her cultural upbringing, as well as sexism and racism living and working in Singapore, were incredibly poignant.

The way Olivia referred to herself as an “other” among all of these people who belonged there in Singapore really resonated with me. This story is incredible. The writing is so well done and every word belongs to the page.

More Information on Agatha Zaza and Stupid Small Things Here.

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